Update – Prosperity

I’ve been going through a lot of my music lately. Cleaning up old demos and going through old “albums”. So I figured I’d give an update on what my plans are for what I have. I’ll catalog these by year. 

2014 – Living in Slow Motion – EP

What: This was a 5 song EP of songs that I wrote when I really hit the style of music that I wanted to hit. 

Plans: Go in and record it for a finalized version. 

2016 – A Sad Ballet – Album

What: This was a concept album and my first real album to date. Tells a story of a love lost and the aftermath from it. 

Plans: At some point in the next year record all the instruments that I wrote for these songs instead of just an acoustic set.

2017 – Before It Started – EP

What: 3 songs that existed before Ocean of Sound that I still play every now and then. 

Plans: Record and give them some love. 

2017 – Prosperity – Album

What: Demos from the last year and a half. 

Plans: Working with 3-4 other people as a collaborative project to bring out the stories in these songs. 

2017 – (Untitled) – Album

What: Piano and string instrumentals. 

Plans: Sift through what I have and round out all these demos. 

2018-2019 – Home of Light – Album

What: New Demos. Everything that I come up with while I’m working on these other projects will go into this album. Same thing I did with Prosperity. All the demos I had while working on A Sad Ballet went into that. 

Plans: We’ll see when we get there. 

So that’s pretty much the update. Tons of music work to do. Working on some other side projects as well, so that’ll influence how much time makes its way into these. Hope you enjoy and look forward to updates. 


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