Didn’t I – 20-01-31

I’ve needed to record a full version of this song for awhile. I probably shouldn’t’ve done this when I was sick. Oh well. Enjoy.

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I was messing around with some stuff and wondering how it would mix. The shimmer is a set of keys I jangled, and then I moved the equalizer to the higher spectrum with a large reverb amount. The “drums” are me hitting the beat on my piano chair. Then I lowered the equalizer on that… Continue reading Experimenting


Hello o o o o o oo o o oooo o *ahem I realize I’ve not highlighted my current trajectory in awhile. So here’s a quick rundown. I decided to do full versions of Living in Slow Motion and A Sad Ballet. Due to that, my progress on Prosperity has come to a standstill. I… Continue reading Uhhhhhh