This is a song I wrote last January. 2 weeks shy of a year. Figured I’d update it and give it some finalized lyrics and vocals.

I think this’ll be the first actual demo for the Prosperity album.

Please enjoy.



Oh how I wish this summer would slowly fade away
It can’t be better now you say
And how I miss our old talks as I slowly drift to sleep
Oh how I wish for winter to hold your hand in mine
So much harder than before
Don’t you know that you’ve got it
You’ve lost that awful wire
In your hand you’ve got it

Oh how my chest aches now as the wind moves swiftly through
Through the hole that you once filled
Now my life’s so hollow like it was before
So much harder than before

Nothing you said was ever true
Now the river is oh so blue
The ice has melted and flows right through

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