Late Night Session – Broken_L_1

Here are the worked up lyrics for broken. They might change a bit in the future.


Though you ask for me every day
I never thought it’d be this hard to spend this time apart
Though you ask out of fear
Promised lies that I’d have your back
Shattered on the ground and now you have these doubts
Everyone just waited for you and they didn’t ask anything
You know that it’s hard enough right now
I’m trying not to break down
I’m trying not to fall apart
I’m trying to look ahead and see what we could be this time
I’ve found that this world that we see is not so broken up
Though we’re broke apart
We had to know these things were harder this time
I know yes I know yes I know that these current scenes won’t let me go
I know yes I know yes I know that everything you said was for show
Don’t you see that I’m falling apart
I’m cracking at the seams
Staring out the window
Lost in despair from everything you said
The river is overflowing at the banks
I don’t want this anymore
Don’t want this pain to last
I just wanted to get away and run away from my past

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