Late Night Session – Worry_M_1 & Worry_L_1

Sorry for the lack of updates. I actually had this recorded on Tuesday but I’ve changed things up since then and I wanted to rerecord it but I haven’t had the time. So please enjoy this first revision.


Even if you look at me like that I won’t worry
And when they take a step back I won’t worry
Even if your heart is stone
Even if you’re fine alone
I cannot undo what I have done

Even if the pain’s too much to bear I won’t worry
Even though we lost an heir I won’t hurry
Although he’s not here with us
Moments passed are like the dust
That move beneath our feet as we move on

How long must I wait for this pain to dissapate
I will always miss his face
The love that’s gone can I reclaim

Late Night Session – Ten Percent_M_1 & Ten Percent_L_1

Here’s the Demo for ten percent. Not exactly what I was planning. It’ll probably change a lot in the revisions.


I staggered and I fell onto your grassy lawn
As my vision ebbed in and out of darkness I didn’t want
Memories of solitude like a knife in my heart
Chasing after ten percent of everything we didn’t start
My knees gave out and I fell onto your grassy lawn

Do you remember when I wrote that note and you wouldn’t take it without an explanation
Every time that we conversed I was vacant I wasn’t paying attention to you
Now look we where are
Our heads are so full of dreams lost in the stars
But I stumbled and I fell onto your grassy lawn

I’ll just stare into the stars until the streets are void of cars
I staggered and I fell