Fridate! (Friday Update) 01-17-14

Updates for you! So…… I forced myself to work on the music and actually finished all I need to make the acoustic EP. But…. I’m not sure I’m completely satisfied with all the lyrics that I’ve come up with for the songs.

I mean some of them I love! But, some of them I just churned out cause I need lyrics and I wanted to work on the song and then I didn’t want to work on the song and I was like Nick you’re finishing this tonight you need to stop putting it off you have no more excuses and work on it til you’re done and I did.

So….. my question to you guys is: If I put up the lyrics for all the songs on here would you give me some feedback about what you think and possible replacements for lines and whatnot?

Please please post a reply and let me know.

Thanks guys!

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