Unintentional Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Since my last post I have pretty much moved twice, spent a more than a month in Japan, and best-manned two weddings within a month. Lest to say, it has been busy. I have been working on music, but in the meantime I’ll share a few things I worked on unrelated to the album.

Here is something I worked on while trying to test some new techniques.

Prosperity/Bonus Demos

I have decided on all of the songs for prosperity:

01 – This Seed
02 – Torn Apart
03 – Broken
04 – After the Storm
05 – Ill Fated Summer
06 – Worry
07 – Didn’t I
08 – Prelude
09 – I Don’t Want to Get Older
10 – Walk Beside
11 – Nothing Lasts

I will continue to give updates on these as I work on them. In the meantime, the demos that didn’t make it but were close can be found in the menu or here: Prosperity Bonus Demos