I was messing around with some stuff and wondering how it would mix. The shimmer is a set of keys I jangled, and then I moved the equalizer to the higher spectrum with a large reverb amount. The “drums” are me hitting the beat on my piano chair. Then I lowered the equalizer on that… Continue reading Experimenting

Side Project Cover

I started this project in January of 2017. I was working with a friend and I rewrote the vocals and we recorded them that month. 15 months later…. I finally got back to the project to finish it. I had been working on it on and off every couple months and I decided I finally… Continue reading Side Project Cover

Seeing You

This song is one that I wrote 3 years ago and just did an update on. Please enjoy. 2014   2017


Been working on music. Had a project where I actually got paid to write some music. So that’s pretty exciting. Here’s the finished work product.