Unintentional Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Since my last post I have pretty much moved twice, spent a more than a month in Japan, and best-manned two weddings within a month. Lest to say, it has been busy. I have been working on music, but in the meantime I’ll share a few things I worked on unrelated to the album.

Here is something I worked on while trying to test some new techniques.

Kinda Update

I want to update even if I don’t have that much to say. Been working on music and messing with tempo switches but don’t have anything new to upload yet. Just kind of been in research mode the last day. Also, you got 2 days worth in the last post. Don’t get greedy. 😛


Wow…. I’ve been away.
Been working on the album.
I think I finally have a name:

“A Sad Ballet”

All of the songs are written.
Well…. I have the guitar, rhythm, lyrics, vocals, and some lead parts.
I still have to get together some of the bass, piano, cello, and all of the drums.

I’m thinking of just doing a whole acoustic recording of the whole album so that you actually know what some of it sounds like. Let me know if that’s something you want.

Thanks, Nick.