Update and a Song

So I might be going through a slow period again. I originally thought that I wouldn’t be working on anything for awhile, but then I got my hands into some music and I decided perhaps I might just stay with it. Yeah… pretty vague there. What I mean is that I will probably be going… Continue reading Update and a Song


Sorry for the hiatus. Got a bunch of new music. Will be working on it and putting it up here. I’ll break down where I currently am at: Been creating a lot of demos. Especially late at night. So I’m going to have a series that I post on here called “Late Night Sessions”. Thinking… Continue reading Hiatus

This Seed – Music Demo

This is a demo on some music I’ve been working on the side. Please let me know what you think. Especially you Mr. “It needs drums”. Thanks 🙂    

Update Update!

I figured I should update. I have been working a lot on music. Just not OS music. Making music for a video game and spending most of my time doing that. I should be getting back into the album soon. So look for more updates soon. Thanks

Cover – NTK Test

This was a test to see how the new microphone handled under specific conditions; multiple audio sources, soft and loud. This track has no compression or FX. You might have to turn up the volume. This is a cover of Brand New Colony by The Postal Service. Let me know what you think. Thanks