Hello o o o o o oo o o oooo o


I realize I’ve not highlighted my current trajectory in awhile. So here’s a quick rundown.

I decided to do full versions of Living in Slow Motion and A Sad Ballet. Due to that, my progress on Prosperity has come to a standstill. I also am working on another music project that is taking away time from my solo stuff. Living in Slow Motion should be done this year with A Sad ballet slated to be done around the first half of 2020. Hopefully at that point I’ll be able to finish up prosperity and have it done sometime next year….. 3 years after I set the track list.


But here’s a track from Living in Slow Motion that isn’t great, but is as good as I’m gonna get with it at the current time! 😀

Sound Test

This is a sound test of the new mixer to see how things are going.


As you can tell, the guitar is not balanced enough for a one-take. (Recording the guitar and vocals at the same time.)

Also, here it is after applying compression to raise the volume and not cause clipping.


You might notice that the guitar gets quieter due to the compression as well. That’s a problem. So necessity dictates that I record the separately and then only compress the harsh vocals.

See? I told you I’d record something.