Last updated 2019/12/24


2014 – Living in Slow Motion – EP

What: This was a 5 song EP of songs that I wrote when I really hit the style of music that I wanted to hit.

Plans: Go in and record it for a finalized version in 2019.



2016 – A Sad Ballet – 1st Album

What: This was a concept album and my first real album to date. Tells a story of a love lost and the aftermath from it.

Plans: At some point in early 2020 record all the instruments that I wrote for these songs instead of just an acoustic set.



2020 – Prosperity – 2nd Album

What: Demos from 2017-(mid)2018.

Plans: Working this up as a proper second album.



202X – (I Wanna Know) Does It Bother You – EP

What: Leftover songs from Prosperity.

Plans: Record neat little quick tracks. πŸ˜›



202X – Home of Light – 3rd Album

What: New Demos. Everything that I come up with while I’m working on these other projects will go into this album. Same thing I did with Prosperity. All the demos I had while working on A Sad Ballet went into that.

Plans: We’ll see when we get there.



202X – Substitution Argument (If It Was You) – 4th Album

What: New Demos. Although work has not started on Home of Light, the music I am demoing now does not seem to fit on that album.

Plans: Make demos!