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See that?

We got a larger budget and upgraded from oceanofsound.info to oceanofsound.net

And now everything is better!!!

Well, nothing really changed but it sure feels like it did.

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Living in Slow Motion Update

I changed up the final songs for the EP. It is finally the way I want it to be. The final tracks are:

  1. Ancient History
  2. Pulled Under
  3. Different
  4. My Lover’s Dream
  5. One Last Look

And also in the works is another EP called Doors Unlocked and Open. This one has 6 songs and is well on its way to being completed.


Fridate! (Friday Update) 02-14-14

So… instead of working on recording the EP with the new microphone like I was supposed to I made this:


Please let me know what you think.

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