Fridate! (Friday Update) 02-14-14

So… instead of working on recording the EP with the new microphone like I was supposed to I made this:


Please let me know what you think.

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Fridate! (Friday Update) 01-17-14

Updates for you! So…… I forced myself to work on the music and actually finished all I need to make the acoustic EP. But…. I’m not sure I’m completely satisfied with all the lyrics that I’ve come up with for the songs.

I mean some of them I love! But, some of them I just churned out cause I need lyrics and I wanted to work on the song and then I didn’t want to work on the song and I was like Nick you’re finishing this tonight you need to stop putting it off you have no more excuses and work on it til you’re done and I did.

So….. my question to you guys is: If I put up the lyrics for all the songs on here would you give me some feedback about what you think and possible replacements for lines and whatnot?

Please please post a reply and let me know.

Thanks guys!

Fridate! (Friday Update) 01-10-14

First Friday update!!!

Just like I promised!

Okay…….. updates……. updates……. updates…….

So….. I’ve been super busy these last 2 weeks working on another project that I will be completely done with on Sunday, giving me more time time to work on the music. Also, been working on building a video game for android that seems to be turning out pretty good. You can check up on that at HERE. It’s coming along pretty good, but we’d welcome ideas (and beta testers in the future).

But, despite all that, I have gotten quite a lot of work done on the EP. Adding more music and getting down the vocals. Plan to have all the songs music and lyrics and vocals done in the next 10 days…. so, by the 20th. I’ll get some recordings out during that time as well…. I’m pretty sure. 😀

Thanks and See you later!